Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Winter Wardrobe Essentials + 5 Tips For Layering

 I was watching the news this morning and was thrilled to see that there is a winter storm on the way! I always love having a snow-filled Christmas, and since we're staying home this year I think the snow will make it even more magical. Dressing in the winter when it's cold and snowy can be tough, so in today's post, I'm sharing all of my winter wardrobe-essentials. Since I've lived in Buffalo for so many years, I feel like I have finally curated my winter wardrobe to a point where I'm always warm but still feel stylish. I also love to layer in the winter and am sharing a few of my layering tips below! I added a bunch of adorable winter pieces to the end of this post if you need help shopping for the perfect winter wardrobe.

My Top 5 Tips For Layering:

Size Up

I tend to buy all of my winter jackets at least one size bigger than I typically wear so that they are easier to layer with! There's nothing worse than having a Chris Farley 'fat guy in a little coat' moment from Tommy Boy- lol! In the look below I went up a size and was able to add lots of layers underneath. This is one of my favorite layered looks yet!

Coordinate Colors

I think layering can be very intimidating because finding a bunch of different pieces that all look great together is tricky! To make this a little bit easier I tend to stick to either a neutral color palette or go for a monochromatic look. If you have time I would definitely recommend watching Jenna Lyons new show- Stylish! There are so many amazing tips and an episode all about monochromatic dressing. In the look below I suck with a neutral color palette and added a fun pop of print! It was a great way to break up the black and add another layer. I also tied in the browns from the houndstooth with some brown suede boots.

Mix Textures and Prints

To add a little more excitement to layered looks I like to mix in different textures and patterns. I sometimes will pick out a specific item in my wardrobe and build the outfit around it. Sweaters are always a great layering piece and I love how much texture they add to an outfit. When wearing a print, I love to tie in the colors in another element of the outfit. In the outfit below I layered with a buffalo check flannel that matched my red lip and the laces on my boots. I found this quote from Jenna Lyons from her time at J. Crew and thought it summed up how important it is to have balance when layering.

"I have a very specific idea of how things should go together: when you have something shiny, you need something matte, when you have something soft, you need something hard. The combination of mixing textures is really important in terms of layering, but we also have very strict rules—meaning visually, does it look right?—when it comes to proportion as well. Those things are very important to us."

Add Accessories

If you've been a reader or follower for a long time, you probably know that I love winter hats. I have more than I'd like to admit- but when you need to wear a hat to keep warm every day it's good to have options. I always use my winter accessories to style a layered look and add extra warmth. The look below I wore in NYC and it was great to be bundled up since we were doing a lot of walking. This tweed jacket was a little dressier, so I made it a more casual look with a simple black beanie and neutral scarf. 

Lay It Out

When putting together a layered look I love to do a flat lay and keep trying out different pieces. It makes it a lot easier to swap out pieces and find the perfect outfit before trying everything on. Since there are a lot of layers it can frustrating trying on different outfits, so laying it out is definitely a time saver!

Curate your winter wardrobe!



Hats, gloves, and scarves:




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