Thursday, October 3, 2019

Surviving A Fall Cold

Hi everyone! I'm so happy that it's finally Fall. Bring on all of the pumpkin-flavored things, beautiful foliage, and fall activities.  With the change of seasons, comes lots of fun, but sometimes brings a cold. Having a cold is the perfect excuse to binge-watch your favorite TV shows or re-watch your favorite Halloween classics. I'm excited to be partnering with Scotties Tissues today to bring you the perfect list of TV shows and movies to watch when you're stuck in bed with a cold.

I hope this post helps you get through your fall cold!

Shows I Could Watch All Day

The Office
(I think I've seen it 50 times through)

Gossip Girl

New Girl

Great British Baking Show
 (trust me, you'll be addicted lol)



Southern Charm

Halloween/ Scary Movies 

Halloween Town

Hocus Pocus

The Shining


Edward Scissorhands

My Favorite Movies 


Beauty & The Beast

Legall Blonde

The Intern

The Dark Night Trilogy


Cozy pajamas are a necessity:

Thank you Scotties Tissues for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. I highly recommend shoes like Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, and Superstore! They are by some of the creators of The Office and that same type of feel!


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