Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fashionable Frames

Happy Thursday everyone! If you follow me on Instagram and see my daily looks on my stories, you know I love to accessorize with glasses.  Fun fact: I don't need prescription glasses, but I do love the blue light protective ones since I look at a screen all day long between school and blogging! They also make such an adorable accessory and I get asked frequently where I get my glasses from. One of my favorite places to get glasses is having a great sale for labor day- so I figured I would share some of my favorite frames along with some inspiration of how to style them! 

Shop the sale by using code 'LABORDAY' for 20% off frames + 30% off lenses 


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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Note Taking Tips

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I asked over on my Instagram what you would like to see on my blog and one response I got pretty frequently was how to stay organized in college. Today's post is going to be all about note-taking and some things I've done over the years to take organized and accurate notes. 


My style of taking notes is something I learned in elementary school and never thought I would use again. I use an outline style that starts with a roman numeral for the overarching topic, a letter with a subtopic, and then a bullet point or numbered list with supporting facts for that topic. There's a lot of different styles of note-taking, so I would recommend trying out a bunch so you can find what works best for you! The style of notes that learn best from can really depend on your learning style. I found this article which is a great breakdown of the most effective note-taking methods for college students. I prefer to handwrite my notes- since I get WAY too distracted during class if I'm on my computer. But if you do prefer typing your notes, I find this outline style works great as well! 

If a professor has a presentation or chapter notes available to you, I always find it easy to print it out and take additional notes during a lecture or take notes on my laptop. That way I can easily reference a topic covered in class and often find examples to make things more clear when I'm studying. I love when professors upload notes, that way I'm able to take notes prior to class or review the notes so I can pay better attention to the lecture and be prepared for class. I always find that paying attention in class is very important in order to retain information, instead of focusing all of my time on taking notes. 

Another thing I always do when taking notes is to use highlighters! I find it's a great way to emphasize important topics and keeps me organized. 

I hope these tips help you stay organized and take great notes! Feel free to leave me a comment of what kind of other college posts you'd like to see in the future. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

My Senior Year Space

Hi everyone! Earlier this month I shared a post all about my dorm essentials from Pottery Barn Dorm. I've loved all of my spaces the past few years, and am so excited to share what I chose for this year with you guys. I could not be more in love with the bedding I chose from Pottery Barn Dorm. Not only is the Vintage Floral  Matelasse print adorable, but it pairs so well with everything in my space too. The mix of floral and subtle stripes adds a playful touch, while still giving a light and bright feel to my room. Quilts are such a great way to add fluff to a bed, and I love how simple yet detail-oriented the Westward Quilt is.  The bedding is so cozy as well. The fabrics Pottery Barn Dorm uses are amazing.

I also love this scallop statement pinboard I picked out. Throughout the year I always add fun things to it like concert tickets, photos, and more. It's a great way to decorate a space in a personal way, and can constantly be switched up from year to year! It's hard to believe I will be moving in next week and starting my senior year! It's always so important in college to create a space that you're comfortable in and enjoy spending time in! I'm sad summer is over, but thrilled to be moving into my beautiful room soon.



The quality of this bedding is wonderful and I've always found my Pottery Barn Dorm bedding to be worth the investment. They pay such close attention to detail!



This quilt pairs perfectly with the floral duvet. I love how subtle the stripes and ruffles are- they add such a feminine touch!

Shop my room!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Dorm Must Have's

Hi everyone! I cannot even believe that I will be heading into my senior year of college. It feels like I moved in as a freshman yesterday. Being an upcoming senior, there are pieces that I've found to be essential when living on my own in order to make my space feel like home. Last year I moved from a dorm to a house, but find I needed a lot of the same things. I also find it's great to invest in pieces that can be utilized not only throughout college but also as I graduate and move into other spaces. Even as a freshman I shopped at Pottery Barn Dorm for a lot of my dorm decor. They have such a great variety of pieces and so many dorm essentials that made my space feel like home. I included a few photos of my dorm room as a freshman, sophomore, and junior- my Pottery Barn Dorm bedding always made my space feel put together and sophisticated. I love that I was able to utilize the same bedding from year to year, but switch up other elements for a completely new space.

Today I am excited to be sharing some of my dorm must have's with Pottery Barn Dorm ! I am going to be giving my space at school a little refresh this year and cannot wait to share the results with you. Stay tuned for that post coming up soon. I've always loved shopping at Pottery Barn Dorm for my college spaces, here are a few of my essentials on the site right now! 


B E D D I N G 

Picking neutral bedding is always a go-to for me! Rather than going with a print in my duvet, I always stick to something simple so I can use it from year to year. Navy and white is a color palette I always find myself drawn to, especially because it pairs so well with other colors. Choosing a simple color palette for bedding makes it a lot easier to utilize it from year to year. I add prints and color in things like throw pillows, sheets, and wall art. Another way to make your space feel cozy are faux headboards. They always look great in any space and make a dorm feel like home. 

Duvets and Quilts:


D E S K  A C C E S S O R I E S 

Desk accessories are such a fun way to add personal details to a small space! One of my favorite purchases for my freshman year dorm was my desk chair. Living on campus, there's not a lot of options to switch up the furniture so a desk chair is a great way to make a put-together space. I have been using my desk chair every year since and it was definitely worth the investment! Pottery Barn Dorm has so many great chairs that are classic and will never go out of style. Organization in a small space is so important. I picked out a few really great pieces that help you stay organized, but still, look great in your space. The jewelry organizer is incredible and stores so much!

W A L L  A R T

Wall art throughout college has been one of my favorite ways to accessorize my space. I love a gallery wall that is pretty yet functional. I always try to include a mix of shelves, mirrors, and artwork. Being able to utilize the walls for some storage is such a great way to maximize space in a small dorm. I love that Pottery Barn Dorm supports artists as well! Evelyn Henson has been one of my favorite artists for years, and it's great seeing her prints on the site. Wall art is great since it can easily be swapped out from year to year to add a personal touch to your space. 

B A T H  N E C E S S I T I E S 

I was lucky enough to not have to experience communal bathrooms in college, but there are so many great items to make it a lot easier! Having a bathroom caddy with all of your essentials is great so you can grab it and go! I also love having towels that are personalized or a fun print so they don't get mixed up with anyone else's. It's also great to have a cozy robe to throw on while lounging around your dorm!

Freshman Year Dorm: 

Sophomore Year Dorm:

Junior Year House: 

How cute is the Pottery Barn Dorm x Lilly Pulitzer collab? It's still available too! 

I also have a very classic Pottery Barn Dorm duvet at my parent's house that I love:

Thank you Pottery Barn Dorm for sponsoring this post 

Monday, August 5, 2019

Draper James Fall Shoot Recap

Hi everyone! Today is the day- Draper James launched part of their fall collection! Draper James has always been a favorite brand of mine since it launched in 2013. I love their ladylike silhouettes and feminine details. When I found out I was going to be heading to the Montage Palmetto Bluff to shoot their fall collection I couldn't contain my excitement! I was jumping for joy- *literally* you can ask my family. While on vacation with my family in Hilton Head a few years ago we took a day trip to the Montage Palmetto Bluff and ever since then I've been dying to go back! Today I'm recapping the wonderful experience with the Draper James team. I am so thankful to have been able to experience the trip with these lovely ladies as well- Sarah, Shay, and Nazira! They will also be sharing their looks from the shoot so be sure to check them out! 


Here's a look at a few of the Draper James pieces that launched today:

The perfect sweatshirt for a gingham loving gal!

Have you ever seen a cuter game-day look? 

Shop my favorites from the launch:

I arrived at Montage Palmetto Bluff in the afternoon on Tuesday and was immediately blown away by the beauty. We stayed in the most adorable cottages that were perfectly decorated. I wanted to move in- I practically did since I moved all of my clothes into the incredible closet. After settling into our cottages, we headed to lunch at the Main Inn. It was a great lunch, and great to meet everyone we'd be shooting with. After lunch, I decided to change into my suit and hang out by the pool for a little bit until the other girls arrived. The pool was so refreshing, the perfect spot to spend the afternoon. Once everyone arrived we headed (via golf cart) to fittings! I was so excited to see everything in person that we'd be shooting. The fall collection is beyond adorable and I can't wait to share it with you when everything launches. It's filled with so many adorable prints and styles for fall. After fittings, we went to a welcome dinner at the Main Inn. Everything we ate was wonderful, and I loved being surrounded by such good company. Our cottage had the coziest screened-in porch, it was the perfect spot to end the evening.

On Wednesday I was able to sleep in and had a very relaxing morning, we had a dolphin tour scheduled but since Nazira's flight hadn't gotten in yet, we rescheduled for Thursday. I never sleep in, but couldn't help it in my cozy bed and Draper James pj's! In the afternoon Nazira and I headed to hair and makeup. For my first look, we did a classic red lip which is one of my favorites. We also shot at the most beautiful stables that were the perfect setting for my look. Colson of  And Delight Reigned did an amazing job setting up each shot with the best props, outfits, and locations. Montage Palmetto Bluff is such a large property, and they offer such a wide variety of experiences. They have everything from horseback riding, golfing, boat tours, paddleboarding, and much more. Our next look was gameday themed and so fun to shoot! It made me so excited for football season- Go Bills! After shooting we got ready and took some photos around the property with  Lindsey before heading to dinner. 

I woke up early on Thursday morning to catch the sunrise and was accompanied by some swimming dolphins. It was one of my most relaxing and incredible views I've ever seen! I love that Montage Palmetto Bluff is right on the water- it's so serene especially in the morning. After watching the sunrise, Nazira and I headed to hair and makeup at 7. We shot at the Main Inn, and on our adorable porch. Even though it was very hot, it still made me so excited for fall trying on all of the Draper James looks! After shooting we had a quick lunch and headed out on the water for our dolphin tour. I had as much sweet tea and shrimp and grits as I could while I was there! Not only did we see dolphins, but we also went to Montage Palmetto Bluff's private island, and climbed their gorgeous treehouse. All of the girls had been dying to go to the spa the whole trip, and we were surprised with a massage later in the day! I've never had a massage prior, but it was amazing and the perfect way to wrap up the day! We had a final dinner with everyone at Cole's, their fried chicken was so delicious. It was such a wonderful trip, and I was so sad to leave! Shay, Sarah, Nazira, and I had a great night relaxing and chit-chatting in our Draper James pj's. So thankful to have met so many inspiring women- be sure to check them out if oyu don't know them already! 

Stay tuned in the coming months for more launching from  Draper James. I can't wait to share all of the photos with you! 

Hair by:  Clay Nielsen 

Makeup by:  Caitlin Wooters

Photos by:  Lindsey Grace Whiddon 

Creative Director:  And Delight Reigned

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to the Draper James Team (Lydia & Emma) and everyone at the  Montage Palmetto Bluff for an incredible trip!

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