Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beach Essentials // Collab with theprepnxtdoor

 Hey everyone! Today I'm doing a collaboration with The Prep Nxt Door on our beach essentials. Go check out her blog, and her post. During summer, I'm always at my cottage (which is a short walk to the beach). I am in love with basking in the sun all day long. My favorite part of spending a long day at the beach is ending the day watching a beautiful sunset.
Before watching the sunset, my friends and I all went water skiing. This was our first time water skiing, and after a rough start (for me at least), we had tons of fun. When I finally was able to get up, I skied for a few minutes and then had a bad fall. Even though I fell I cannot wait to go water skiing again!

My Beach Essentials:
Sunglasses (here) // Reading material (here I have a few teenVogue and a book from my summer assignment) // A hat to protect me from the sun. I don't have sunscreen pictured , but that's also very important. I myself don't normally use sunscreen, but I know I should to keep my skin looking it's best. // My phone, I almost always snap a few pictures while at the beach. I always try to keep my phone out of the sand, because I had to replace it because my lock button was jammed most likely with sand.  Instead of buying some fancy 100$ phone case , I just use a disposable plastic baggie, then I can just toss it in the garbage when I'm done.// Sandals for when the sand is just too hot. //  A headband to keep my hair out of my face. // I use my Lilly Pulitzer tumblr to stay hydrated, which is essential when I'm in the heat all day. // I wear my Paxton1345 boxers found here. // And finally something to carry everything, I use a Lilly Pulitzer cooler tote (found here).
Here's a picture of me water skiing
Be sure to check out The Prep Nxt Door for her adorable post, here's a peek!
Thanks for reading!
xo, Abby


  1. Nice post, I liked hers as well! I have a blog post with my beach essentials up right now too! I am actually using the same bag you and the Prep Nxt Door are using! Love it! Perfect and actually not too expensive compared to the other Lilly totes! Hope you can check it out!

  2. Such a great post, love you both!


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    1. Hey!! just wondering where did you get your paxton1345 boxer shorts??


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